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I'm Jade, mum of two amazing kids - my beautiful son and daughter, and married to my husband for 8 years!

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and now living in Midlothian where I share a lot of my services locally.


I am a qualified expert in Infant & Child Sleep,  and there are so many reasons why I truly love what I do as a coach and consultant. Transforming families from a place of pain, stress and exhaustion to happy rested nights is what I do best.


When my son was born, my husband worked away and the sleepless nights were HARD , especially when you're doing it on your own. I had a pretty structured routine for him, and learnt a lot about what helped him sleep well and what didn't. I was in survival mode. And I wish that back then I had the knowledge and support around baby sleep from the very beginning.  But this is where the fascination started and the psychology behind sleep began. I wanted to stand by my parenting beliefs while finding a comfort solution to suit him - especially while navigating through the toddler years and the more chaotic challenges they brought. 


After our daughter graced us, she had a whole new set of challenges including, Reflux. A long-term battle on our hands which very easily affected her sleep. She was so determined to sleep but so many challenges in her way. And all those baby books I had read with my eldest - of course didn't work for her! Which makes sense - they are two different children, different sleep needs and personalities/temperaments - so of course they needed different sleep support!

I seen an opportunity to help others get their little ones to a contented sleep place, and I knew could make a big difference to many families. I wanted to make sure that no one had to feel alone in the world of sleep deprivation, and know there is support available.


So, in 2021 - after a lot of sleepless nights - I put myself through intense study and qualified in Infant & Child Sleep Consultancy.  From there I took on additional studies and sub-courses, including a focused course on Reflux and Sleep.

In 2023, I was driven by personal experiences and through helping many families struggling with sleep and ADHD I decided to put myself through additional qualifications in ADHD & Sleep which is bringing me further forward in my mission to help as many families through sleep challenges as possible. 

Since then, I have also worked with many professionals such as Lucy Shrimpton, Charlie Day and Lisa Johnson to learn more on sleep and building the best business possible for supporting families. 

I stand for supporting others, educating, empowering parents' decisions and helping families journey through tough sleep challenges and bring them to that happy, contented place - The Gentle Way. 
Mindset is something I have a huge passion for, and I work with families on a growth mindset throughout our journey to help reach their ultimate sleep goals!

Every child is different - and I don't stand by a "one approach fits all". Which is why I make sure all of my plans are focused around your little one's personality and traits - which when built together with an approach to suit them - then brings amazing success!

If you're ever looking for me outside of business - I'm likely sitting in the morning with a coffee before the kids wake, exercising or running around with my two children! I love being outdoors, visiting new places, live music, socialising and a good glass of wine on a Friday!


If you'd like to chat, or ready to take action and restore sleep for the whole family - click on Book Discovery Call below and we can talk it all through!

Jade - Sleep Nanny

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