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Feeding & Sleep Program


Feeding and sleep often go hand in hand! Babies are unlikely to settle if they are hungry.  Full tummies help longer sleep! But along the way, feeding and sleep becomes a bit blurred and tricky to manage. Not all babies night wean naturally when they are not hungry! I'm going to transform all of this for you and give you the confidence in exactly how to manage it. Are you stuck in the debate of - are they feeding in hunger or comfort? Are the awakenings frequent and feeding is the only thing to bring calm? Are they taking more calories in the night rather than in the day? Are you happy to continue feeding, but want to find another way to settle them? Or maybe you are ready to night wean altogether! This program is designed for all of the above - with very responsive settle solutions to make it as easy as possible. I'll be walking you through all of my steps, and getting those long lovely stretches of sleep without the worry of hunger and responding to their sleep cues.

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