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Toddler Sleep Solutions

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If you are spending all evening fighting the toddler fight and looking for a calm, responsive solution where they are happy and content in their sleep space - this is for you! Are you struggling with your toddlers bedtime battles? Nap Transitions? The jumping out of bed, unable to settle and upset? Or maybe it's night terrors and anxieties that have you worried? You'll learn about this here too. This course gives you the information as well as a simple step by step plan on how to find a responsive solution that works for your family, and how best to implement changes with your toddler. We'll also focus on optimising the days to help bring peaceful nights. And with the mindset and clarity to take action so that everyone is getting the sleep they need! Modules Included - - Naps and Transitions - Common Toddler Sleep Challenges - Anxieties and Parasomnias - Sleep Associations - Bedtime Battles - Night Awakenings - Early Rises - Co-Sleeping - Tools and Rewards - Self Settling - Step By Step Responsive Solutions! - The Power of Consistency & Next Steps Get your evenings back, your full nights sleep in a way that works with your toddler, where they feel happy and secure and feeling refreshed, and so do you!

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