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Exhausted to Thriving Program

Unlock the key to your little one's sleep 

Why this Award Winning Program has been designed for you. 

Night awakenings are exhausting. And while we expect it early on… when sleep is disrupted and no signs of improving it affects so many aspects of our lives.


Our mental health, relationships, careers, parenting itself… And maybe you've tried things before - and it just hasn't worked and left you feeling deflated.


This program has been created with tired & exhausted families at the heart of it.
I believe there isn't a "one size fits all" method out there for sleep challenges.

And I've designed this to transform your families sleep no matter what the challenge. 



This focuses on little ones between

6 months to 2 years


For parents who are ready to take instant actions that bring positive transformations. Alongside 1-1 expert guidance to support their little ones in sleep. 

Happy Family


For parents who want to have a plan that suits THEIR child and their needs and brings ultimate sleep success!


Responsive & Holistic Solutions to Sleep Challenges without "cry it out"! 


Designed to move away from current methods that are no longer sustainable.


Learn to fully optimise your child's sleep so they feel fully rested and thriving

My methods are safe, gentle - they WORK - and aligns fully to your family.

And the best part? This fully considers YOUR little one's personalities and temperaments to ensure the best approach and success! 


Lizzie - Mum to Callan

"We are currently 3 weeks into the course. Before the course, our 7 month old was co-sleeping in our bed because it was the only way he wouldn’t wake up several times a night. He also slept in our bed for naps and he fed to sleep for both naps and bedtime.
After implementing step 1, the first night was a small fight (understandably) and every night since then has been 1 million times better and now little one sleeps all night in his own cot, in his own room, with only 1 wake for a feed! He is also now napping back in his own room too. 

Alexa Young, CA

"exhausted to thriving" step by step course

Full course programme filled with video content, PDFs workbooks and step by step tutorials of how to master your baby's sleep and successful transformations.

Custom Sleep Plan

You'll have a plan in place that suits you and your family - and works with YOUR little one's personality & traits

transform your sleep journey

This is designed to give you all the tools and support you need to transform your family's sleep.

1-1 Support

4 Weeks of group support calls with me - plus a group chat. The group will meet twice a week for 4 weeks so you get my bespoke guidance and support to ensure your success.

Plus - you'll have an exclusive WhatsApp group for all members!

This program is perfect for you if...

Night awakenings or Early Rises are frequent and unable to knit that sleep together

You need your evenings back without the bedtime battles

You want your little ones to feel contented and happy

There are strong sleep associations you are trying to move away from, whether you are rocking, feeding to sleep or co-sleeping - I have you covered. 

Day sleep is unpredictable and naps are challenging.

You want to feel empowered with a responsive, gentle solution to help your little one self settle in a way that suits them best and aligns with your preferences.

You are beyond exhausted - and you want better rest for the whole family!

You want the best support and guidance, at the best value possible.

You want support and accountability!

One of a kind content & support

My S.L.E.E.P Methodology

My methodology gives you all of the focus areas for your little one's sleep - for at any stage of their sleep journey. Giving you the tools you need for now and in the future!

Mindset & Goals

Focus on growth mindset, how it helps in our responses and achieving our goals with consistency

Sleep Pressures and Optimising Day Sleep

How to achieve the best day sleep to help the nights and what works for YOUR baby.

Step By Step Responsive Settles

Full steps on my responsive and gentle approaches  to help support your little one to sleep calmly, and knit those sleep cycles together

Personality Assessment

Find our exactly your little ones personality traits and which solution works best for them!

Sleep Transformation

How to achieve your sleep goals, full circle! And how to maintain it!

How It Works


Eco-Friendly Design


Multilingual Functionality


Advanced Tech





24/7 Support

Next Intake

The next calls will be now running from 24th April - 19th May! What better way to start the new year by focusing on your families sleep.
Booking now still gives you INSTANT access to the full online course ahead of the support calls starting!

Please do note - the first intake will be capped at 6 families to ensure the best support is given. Once I have reached capacity I'll then be changing this page to a waiting list for the next month!

Don't forget the BONUS Offer too - not only do you get Lifetime Access to the Exhausted to Thriving Course, but you also get the same access to the Toddler Sleep Solutions course too to navigate those years as well!

Program  Options


Exhausted To Thriving Program

6-18 Months

- Step By Step  Online Course

- 2x Weekly Group Support Calls

(2 x 4 Weeks = 8 Support Sessions)

Lifetime Access

- Exclusive WhatsApp Group Support


- Lifetime Access to Toddler Sleep Solutions 

£127 - One off payment


1-1 Support - 5m+

Bespoke 1-1 Sleep Transformations designed to fully align with your little one and your family.  These include both virtual consultation and follow up calls, as well as written step-by-step plans fully customised for you. 

From £280 depending on support level


Exhausted To Thriving

Full Membership

- Weekly Q&A Sessions

- Monthly Guest Speakers

- Monthly  Sleep Workshops

- Lifetime Access to "The S.L.E.E.P Success" Course

- Support Community

If you want to chat this through and discuss it more - drop me an email and we'll get you to your perfect sleep solution!
  • I have multiple children needing sleep support - Is this for me?
    Absolutely! They will likely require different focus areas, and different action plans but you can establish the needs for both children. This works for multiples too. Please note this is aimed for 6 months -18 months of age. For fuller support though - I would definitely recommend 1-1 support as this will help cover different methods to suit them.
  • My little one can Self Settle, but their sleep needs more work - is this for me?
    Yes, this can absolutely still work for you and optimising their day and night sleep!
  • I really can't deal with crying - will this program bring upset?!
    Be rest assured - that there are no "cry it out" or "extinction" methods in any of my programs or membership support. We'll be looking at sleep holistically and in gradual, effective steps! However, some little one's are more emotionally strong - and there communication signals around change may bring some upset due to frustration - but if taking the "Exhausted to Thriving Program" we will be completely responding to them throughout to ensure they adapt and with consistency become happy and content in the world of sleep. If you feel you need some more 1-1 support though and talking this through, please be sure to reach out.
  • I am feeding/rocking to sleep - will this program help me?
    Yes - we'll be covering all of this and how to slowly encourage new settle rhythms effectively!
  • I am not confident in following things through - I need some hand holding!
    We'll be bringing a lot of focus on mindset and the confidence in yourself when it comes to baby sleep - as this is so important too! And you'll have full support through the community program and the Q&A sessions with me. However, if it feels too much - get in touch via and we can talk through my 1-1 support if this suits you better.

Jade Sleep Nanny

Jade Zammit is a mother of two, with her own stories and experiences to share.  In 2021, she went through intensive study and is a fully qualified professional in Infant & Child Sleep. She has built her business from the ground up, working with over 90+ families on a 1-1 support basis.

Jade is passionate about gentle and effective sleep training solutions, looking at sleep holistically and working with the little one's personalities and traits to get the best results. 
She is also passionate about mindset - and works with families around this, removing any blockers, worries and focusing on a growth mindset throughout to help each family reach their ultimate sleep goals.

If you are looking for Jade, you will usually find her in the morning with a coffee in hand, exercising or running around with her two children. She also loves to visit new places, and food is high on her list of things she loves most!

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