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Master the Night Feeds!

If you are ready to get great sleep whilst being fully responsive to your baby - You are in the right place!

Why this Award Winning Program has been designed for you. 

Feeding and sleep often come hand in hand. They need full tummies for contented sleep! 

As they grow, we often get to a grey area of "Are they hungry? Or is it habit?"

And I know this because whilst some babies naturally night wean, many actually increase their feeds after some developmental phases!

If you are struggling in figuring out exactly what your little one needs, or in a cycle of sleep deprivation with a constant feed then sleep cycle - you are in good hands!

This program will give you the confidence to find out exactly what works for YOUR child. How to determine if they are ready to night wean, how to support your child, managing the night feeds and how you can do this responsively. 




I've created the perfect support program to help you get all the results you are looking for! 

In this program you will get...

Rachel - Mum to Lucy

Our life has done a complete turn around with Lucy's sleep! Our 6 month old was waking every hour, passing out in my arms from exhaustion at bedtime, feeding to sleep and generally so upset during the whole night - we felt at a complete loss for our little girl. Jade took our worries and created a gentle plan for us and Lucy, and gave us a mountain of knowledge around baby sleep.
She is sleeping so soundly, and waking up so happy! It's like she is a completely different baby! She's even started to nap in her cot which would never happen before!

Are you in the cycle of frequent night awakenings where feeding is the only response to work?

Do you want to feed responsively but also get consolidated sleep?

Are you feeling ready to move away from feeding-to-sleep?

Is your goal to have a settle rhythm approach that works for you and your partner? 

Are you ready to feel fully confident in managing your little one's night feeds or in successful night weaning?

Are you ready to get out of the cycle of putting them down after a feed, only for them to wake again?

Do you want to achieve calm and peaceful nights with long stretches of sleep and predictable feeds?

Then let's get you to where you need to be!

Just 3 weeks from now - you'll be in a completely different place. Contented, Rested, Stress-free and with a happy, full baby!

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

Spaces for this are LIMITED to 20 families to be able to provide you with the life-changing support.


So grab this opportunity whilst you can!

Jade Sleep Nanny

Jade Zammit is a mother of two, with her own stories and experiences to share.  In 2021, she went through intensive study and is a fully qualified professional in Infant & Child Sleep. She has built her business from the ground up, working with over 90+ families on a 1-1 support basis.

Jade is passionate about gentle and effective sleep training solutions, looking at sleep holistically and working with the little one's personalities and traits to get the best results. 
She is also passionate about mindset - and works with families around this, removing any blockers, worries and focusing on a growth mindset throughout to help each family reach their ultimate sleep goals.

If you are looking for Jade, you will usually find her in the morning with a coffee in hand, exercising or running around with her two children. She also loves to visit new places, and food is high on her list of things she loves most!

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