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Stress-Free Steps to
Nailing the Naps!

If you are ready to learn and set the best foundations for your baby's sleep - you are in the right place!

Why this Award Winning Program has been designed for you. 

Naps really are the make or break in our day. It can really set the day all wrong when we are spending so much of our time fighting with naps, doing the nap math in our head all day long - and it's exhausting.


But, we know they need them! Naps are here to stay for the long run and we want to make sure they are as stress-free as possible.

This package will give you the confidence to find out exactly what works for YOUR child. How to determine the right times and length so that the day sleep optimises the nights! 

So if you are stuck in a cycle of searching for ideal sleep schedules or apps that aren't helping - you are in the right place!




I've formed the steps and the secret sauce to Transform your little one's naps. 

In this course we will cover...

Debbie - Mum to Mason

“Nap times have always been a struggle for our 8 month old. 2 naps a day but always very short! I'd been struggling to get into any kind of routine with him. Jade's method is more about finding their unique sleep needs and over 24 hours too. I did also do some other changes to his settles but now we have two perfect 1.5hr naps with no fight! This came at an ideal time for me - Thank you!"

Do you feel you just can't get their timings right?

Are you feeling overwhelmed around naps and want to establish something to work for them?

Is their day sleep is unpredictable and challenging?

Are you are ready for stress free naps?

Do you want to lay the foundations for sleep success?

Do you want to feel empowered with a plan and resources you can go back to anytime you need to?

Then this program is perfect for you.

With this revamp - The Nap Success Course will be increasing in price next week so I do encourage you to grab it whilst you can!

Jade Sleep Nanny

Jade Zammit is a mother of two, with her own stories and experiences to share.  In 2021, she went through intensive study and is a fully qualified professional in Infant & Child Sleep. She has built her business from the ground up, working with over 90+ families on a 1-1 support basis.

Jade is passionate about gentle and effective sleep training solutions, looking at sleep holistically and working with the little one's personalities and traits to get the best results. 
She is also passionate about mindset - and works with families around this, removing any blockers, worries and focusing on a growth mindset throughout to help each family reach their ultimate sleep goals.

If you are looking for Jade, you will usually find her in the morning with a coffee in hand, exercising or running around with her two children. She also loves to visit new places, and food is high on her list of things she loves most!

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