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Are Sleep Consultants Worth it?

This is something I see a lot, and a question many families who are feeling lost are also asking themselves.

And ok yes, I am a sleep consultant but I've also been that tired and exhausted parent seeking answers in the spiral of sleep deprivation. So I'll give you a very very honest insight into all of this!

When you are in the deep depths of sleep deprivation and challenges, we go through many emotions. Some where we feel we want to figure it all out on our own but it's so hard to do when you are so exhausted. Or we may feel like we don't even know where to turn. We start looking into professional support but how to know which sleep consultant is best for your family? After all, your baby is your everything and you want to make sure you get it right!

You may be asking yourself these questions:

  1. What support do I need? - This may not only be in a sleep professional, but someone to support your whole family, align the goals and get you on a path where partners and family members can help in the settle too.

  2. How long can I keep going on like this? Quite often, we are already at breaking point!

  3. Is there someone who can support us in a way that doesn't mean extreme solutions? - Yes, there are many sleep consultants with more gentle approaches!

So you have two choices - we either keep going as we are, hoping for something to change or trying different things. Or we can seek support from someone else! And believe me when I've been in that position too, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out how baby sleep works. But we aren't designed to know it all, and baby sleep is a minefield! It's ok to ask for help. And a chat with a sleep consultant is worth it.

There is often a misconception around sleep consultants now-a-days, and it's a forever growing market. Truth be told - most sleep consultants have been where you are and truly have the passion to support you in transforming your little one's sleep. There may be a few who aren't promoting the best practices - but believe me when I say these are few and far between. So let's chat around that.

What do I look for in a Sleep Consultant?

  • Start by doing some research - there are many of us out there and if you are prepared to get support and invest, you want to make sure you find the right one for you.

  • Find someone who aligns with you. Someone who shares the same ethos, practices and you feel gives off the vibes that resonate with you.

  • Testimonials - Look at their testimonials. Have they had experience with little one's of similar ages? Do their sources of testimonials show in different places? E.g. Social Media, Website, Google Business Profiles?

  • Prices - I completely understand it can be an investment! And it's tempting to go with the most cost friendly. Be rest assured, sometimes you are getting what you pay for! This is your child's sleep - and you want to get it right first time! I can't count how many families who have come to me after already working with another consultant where they were drawn in by price to not get the right result. That being said - there are some diamond consultants who aren't charging enough, so don't forget to go back to my first points of finding someone who is aligned with you and talk to them first.

  • Ensure you are going to get step-by-step support so you feel absolutely at ease with your sleep journey plan.

  • Get on a call with them! Nothing is going to beat actually talking with a consultant, getting that good vibe and trust from them too. Most consultants offer a free initial chat, so take them up on the offer. And they won't mind you asking questions about how they work!

Jade drinking a cup of coffee in a green mug
Jade Zammit Sleep Coaching

Working with a Sleep Consultant - What do I need to think about?

  • It's very easy for families to say "Oh but I've tried everything and nothing has worked" when you have tried everything you can think of, and I get it! But put the faith and trust in your sleep consultant, they'll bring you a plan that brings consistency too and navigating reactions and progress. A truly great consultant will also make sure that whatever solutions they put in place fully align with you too.

  • Trust! It works both ways!

  • Commitment. You've invested in someone you know can bring you out of the place you are in and transform your family, so commit to the plan together!

  • Consistency - if your sleep consultant is telling you consistency is key, trust them and see the magic happen!

In conclusion;

If you are sick of looking at Google at 3am, trying to find all the answers and feeling lost in it all. I would highly recommend seeking out a professional who can look at everything holistically and bring it all together for you. Your sanity depends on it!

However, if you aren't one for 1:1 support, see what other services are on offer to you! It may be online courses, memberships and more. Again, you can chat this through with them first to make sure you have the support that YOU need.

Good luck in your search, and if you'd like to chat it all through with someone who has the knowledge and expertise here - you can book in a call below.

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