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Top Tips for helping children Sleep in Summer!

Summer is upon us! And depending where you are in the world, the temperature could indeed be soaring. So I wanted to share some information and tips around keeping babies cool in the summer.

So first - a little bit about Sun Safety.

- Babies less then 6 months old should be kept out of direct sunlight. Older babies should also be out of the sun as much as possible particularly when the sun is strongest (11am-3pm).

- Hats! Yes, they may be a pain to keep on your little one but it goes give them great protection in the sun and avoiding sun stroke. Wide brims, or ones lengthened at the back help protect their necks more.

- Parasols and Umbrellas - these work great to keep little ones out of direct sunlight.

- Suncream - do not use on babies younger than 6 months! For older than 6 months ensure they have full SPF 50 protection.

- Sleeping babas - if in a pram/buggy avoid placing blankets or clothes over to protect from the sun/make it darker. This can cause these to overheat. I'd recommend something air-permeable that not only allows air in, but air flows throughout - and the Snoozeshade is perfect for this! (quote JADESLEEPNANNY for discount!)

Here are some top tips for keeping them cool and helping them sleep - especially if you are in the UK and lack of aircon!

  1. Keep the room cool during heatwaves and open windows at night for ventilation or a fan for cool air.

  2. Shade the windows, especially in sun facing rooms.

  3. Up the fluids! - ice lollies are always a good treat to keep them cool!

  4. Give them a cooler bath

  5. Dress appropriately by the temperature of their room - see chart below! I love the footless 0.5 tog from Slumbersac!

  6. If they like to be swaddles - use a lightweight muslin fabric that's breathable.

  7. Keep to cotton sheets & clothing

  8. Lose the waterproof mattress toppers if you can.

  9. Muslins and blankets - pop in the freezer ahead of settling!

  10. Fill a water bottle with cold water/ice for the older ones struggling in the heat.

Note - remember they should be cool and dry to touch, if warm and sticky they are too hot!

Wherever you are - enjoy the summer months! Managing in the heat can be tricky and a minefield of how best to manage it with your little one. And if your little one is struggling they may need some more reassurance.

Nap on the go if you have to - and make the most of it! (again the Snoozeshade is great for this!)

Also - remember that all the fresh air and being outdoors will make them more tired! So do early bedtimes if it's needed, we don't want overtiredness kicking in either.

If you are finding your current sleep situation challenging already, and you want to change that this summer then you know where I am if you need support.

Jade x

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