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Beyond The Stars - Sleep Challenge

Welcome to the Beyond The Stars - Sleep Challenge! This is a fantastic opportunity to get on top of your little one's sleep habits in order to optimise day and night sleep!

This will be a live event, with short/simple learning and action points - starting on 10th July. And yes - you can watch back even if you miss it - I know how it can be with little one's and things not going to plan.

You'll get full support and training from me on how to get the most from your baby's sleep timings. 

And the best part...

You get my PDF tracker as well as my Baby Sleep Guide from Birth - 6 Years

 And - If you join me live you have a chance of winning a Sleep Power Hour 1-1 Call with me!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Jade x

Step 1 - Register

Join in on the Sleep Challenge!

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Step 2 - Download The Workbook

This is where you get your tool kit to get started - including my Baby Sleep Chart from Birth - 6 Years!

Step 3 - Join The Group!

This is the space where the challenge will take place! So be sure to join here and get ready for the first Live on 10th July 8.30pm.

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