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The S.L.E.E.P Success Course

If you are ready to learn and set the best foundations for your baby's sleep - you are in the right place!

Why this Award Winning Program has been designed for you. 

Night awakenings are exhausting. And while we expect it early on… when sleep is disrupted and no signs of improving it affects so many aspects of our lives.


Our mental health, relationships, careers, parenting itself… And maybe you've tried things before - and it just hasn't worked and left you feeling deflated.


This program has been created with tired & exhausted families at the heart of it.

I created the S.L.E.E.P Methodology to give parents a guide to come back to whenever sleep wasn't going to plan.

Sleep isn't linear and so many things change with our little ones - and this course will guide you through all of the focus areas to get your sleep where it needs to be! 




And so here I've formed the steps to Transform your little one's sleep. 

In this course we will cover...

This program is perfect for you if...

You want your little ones to feel contented and happy

You need your evenings back without the bedtime battles

Day sleep is unpredictable and naps are challenging.

You are ready for the whole family to be sleeping great!

You want to understand the best steps to get sleep success!

You want to feel empowered with a plan you can go back to anytime you need to.

And what's even better? There are two options on how to get access to this course!

1. The S.L.E.E.P Success Course as a standalone

2. Free within the Exhausted to Thriving Membership! 

Where you get support alongside it, workshops and so much more. 

Click here to read about it!

Jade Sleep Nanny

Jade Zammit is a mother of two, with her own stories and experiences to share.  In 2021, she went through intensive study and is a fully qualified professional in Infant & Child Sleep. She has built her business from the ground up, working with over 90+ families on a 1-1 support basis.

Jade is passionate about gentle and effective sleep training solutions, looking at sleep holistically and working with the little one's personalities and traits to get the best results. 
She is also passionate about mindset - and works with families around this, removing any blockers, worries and focusing on a growth mindset throughout to help each family reach their ultimate sleep goals.

If you are looking for Jade, you will usually find her in the morning with a coffee in hand, exercising or running around with her two children. She also loves to visit new places, and food is high on her list of things she loves most!

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