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Exhausted to Thriving Program

Unlock the key to your little one's sleep 

Night awakenings are exhausting. And while we expect it early on… when sleep is disrupted and no signs of improving it affects so many aspects of our lives. Our mental health, relationships, careers, parenting itself…

And maybe you've tried things before - and it just hasn't worked and left you feeling deflated. With 8 Million different baby sleep books and outdated advice - it can seem impossible to find a solution that works for you and your little one. 

Maybe you feel your only options are "crying it out" or bedsharing?

The Good News? I have specific, responsive and gentle methods which when aligned with a holistic approach - brings ultimate success!

My method is safe, gentle - it WORKS - and aligns fully to your family.

And the best part? It fully considers YOUR little one's personalities and temperaments to ensure the best approach! 

Sam & Phil - Parents to Lydia & Lottie

“Life changing. Both girls are much happier and more pleasant in the daytime, even noted by friends and family. We have our evenings back to be husband and wife again rather than the overtired bickering couple we had become due to exhaustion. Bedtime is a pleasure and naps are easily planned."

Becky & Neil - Parents to Reeva


"I’m honestly still in shock that in such a small timeframe (2 weeks) her whole sleeping pattern has changed and honestly it’s the best thing we have ever done! It’s even made an impact to her behaviour during the day, because she’s not as tired there’s alot less tantrums!

I fully recommend Jade’s service, she has so much knowledge and experience and made us feel totally at ease through every step of the plan!"

Sarah & Danny - Parents to Charlotte

"Within 2 weeks Jade has honestly changed our lives. Charlotte now sleeps 11/12 hours with 2 dream feeds, naps in her cot AND self settles. No more feeding to sleep.
The change has been unbelievable and Jade was on hand always to support and guide us through some tricky nights. Thank you Jade!"

"exhausted to thriving" step by step course

Full course programme filled with video content, PDFs workbooks and step by step tutorials of how to master your baby's sleep and successful transformations.

Custom Sleep Plan

Empowered to follow a plan that suits you and your family - and works with YOUR little one's personality & traits

transform your sleep journey

From setting the Goals, creating the best Mindset and taking Action to transform your sleep challenges together.


A community of other parents on the program to share experiences and learn from.

Plus exclusive speakers and mentorship with 2 weekly Support Calls to support you on the program.

This program is perfect for you if...

You need your evenings back without the bedtime battles

You want your little ones to feel contented and happy

You want to feel empowered with a responsive, gentle solution to help your little one self settle in a way that suits them best

You are ready to make changes, learn and feel confident in your little ones sleep

You want better rest for the whole family! So that you can feel and be the parent you want to be

"Exhausted To Thriving"
Program Content

Here are some examples of what you'll be working through in the course - easy, step by step  modules to take you from where you are now to a fully rested, thriving family! You'll get PDFs, Workbooks as well as hours of video content from me.

And this isn't just a course - you have support calls embedded in this program to ensure all your questions are answered and my guidance to support throughout!

Psychology of Sleep

The science behind child sleep and understanding your little ones

Mindset & Goals

Focus on growth mindset, how it helps in our responses and achieving our goals with consistency

Sleep Pressures and Optimising Day Sleep

How to achieve the best day sleep to help the nights

Step By Step Responsive Settles

Full steps on two of my responsive and gentle approaches  to help support your little one to sleep calmly, and knit those sleep cycles together

Personality Assessment

Find our exactly your little ones personality traits and which solution works best for them!

Sleep Transformation

How to achieve your sleep goals, full circle!

Program Pricing

Exhausted to Thriving Course

PLUS lifetime access

2 x Weekly Group Support Calls

4 Weeks of Bespoke Support

Early Bird Offer

Those who book before 1st November will also receive
- Lifetime Access to All Courses, including the Toddler Sleep Challenge Course worth £75

Please do note - the first intake will be capped at 10 families to ensure the best support is given. Once I have reached capacity I'll then be changing this page to a waiting list for the next month!

Waiting List - Sign Up

The "Exhausted to Thriving Program" is currently at full capacity! This is to ensure the best support is given throughout. Each month I'll be bringing new families in - so the wait is a really quick turn around. Pop your details below and I'll be in touch really soon. 

Thanks for submitting!

  • I have multiple children needing sleep support - Is this for me?
    Absolutely! They will likely require different focus areas, and different action plans but you can establish the needs for both children. This works for multiples too. Please note this is aimed for 6 months -18 months of age. For fuller support though - I would definitely recommend 1-1 support as this will help cover different methods to suit them.
  • My little one can Self Settle, but their sleep needs more work - is this for me?
    Yes, this can absolutely still work for you and optimising their day and night sleep!
  • I really can't deal with crying - will this program bring upset?!
    Be rest assured - that there are no "cry it out" or "extinction" methods in any of my programs or membership support. We'll be looking at sleep holistically and in gradual, effective steps! However, some little one's are more emotionally strong - and there communication signals around change may bring some upset due to frustration - but if taking the "Exhausted to Thriving Program" we will be completely responding to them throughout to ensure they adapt and with consistency become happy and content in the world of sleep. If you feel you need some more 1-1 support though and talking this through, please be sure to reach out.
  • I am feeding/rocking to sleep - will this program help me?
    Yes - we'll be covering all of this and how to slowly encourage new settle rhythms effectively!
  • I am not confident in following things through - I need some hand holding!
    We'll be bringing a lot of focus on mindset and the confidence in yourself when it comes to baby sleep - as this is so important too! And you'll have full support through the community program and the Q&A sessions with me. However, if it feels too much - get in touch via and we can talk through my 1-1 support if this suits you better.

Jade Sleep Nanny

Jade Zammit is a mother of two, with her own stories and experiences to share.  In 2021, she went through intensive study and is a fully qualified professional in Infant & Child Sleep. She has built her business from the ground up, working with over 90+ families on a 1-1 support basis.

Jade is passionate about gentle and effective sleep training solutions, looking at sleep holistically and working with the little one's personalities and traits to get the best results. 
She is also passionate about mindset - and works with families around this, removing any blockers, worries and focusing on a growth mindset throughout to help each family reach their ultimate sleep goals.

If you are looking for Jade, you will usually find her in the morning with a coffee in hand, exercising or running around with her two children. She also loves to visit new places, and food is high on her list of things she loves most!

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