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I got in touch with Jade because my child wouldn’t fall asleep without a parent beside her (taking up a lot of our nights) and was also wakening in the night for up to 3 hours and always wanted a parent next to her for that full duration until she went back to sleep.

I contacted Jade because I was past the point of exhaustion being up for 3 hours in the night almost every night and having a full time job to deal with during the day.

Jade gave us a plan to follow, firstly implementing little changes so the wee one wouldn’t get too distressed and then building it up. I remember on the first consultation after she’d gone through the plan she asked how we both felt and I replied “really nervous” I was so sceptical it would work but now we have a toddler who goes to bed herself, we tuck her in, say love you etc. and then leave the room and she drifts off herself.

She’s had hardly any night awakenings since we started our journey with Jade and the very few she has had she’s self settled herself and gone to sleep without us having to sit with her.

I’m honestly still in shock that in such a small timeframe (2 weeks) her whole sleeping pattern has changed and honestly it’s the best thing we have ever done! It’s even made an impact to her behaviour during the day, because she’s not as tired there’s alot less tantrums!

I fully recommend Jade’s service, she has so much knowledge and experience and made us feel totally at ease through every step of the plan!


Jade what can I have been my life saver and I'm truly truly so grateful for all your help.
My 9.5 month old needed to contact nap and fed to sleep at night. He was still having a bottle through the night and multiple wakes for comfort. He was also waking at 5am. My husband was sleeping on the floor in the living room and has been since Mason was born as many nights I've had to put Mason in our bed so he would sleep.
With Jade's help we now have a baby that can settle to sleep in his cot for naps and night time. He is now napping longer. Last night he did his first night without a bottle and woke slightly to find his dummy then went back to sleep. He's also been waking later around 6/6.30am. My husband is now back in our bed which was our end goal.
Jade I can't thank you enough and I will 100% be recommending you to anyone needing help getting their little ones sleeping. I'm so grateful for all your help xx


I don’t know where to begin.
Our little girl has never been a great sleeper since the minute we brought her home from the hospital. Pram walks were a screaming match and the car wasn’t any better. The only way we could get her to sleep was with cuddles (loads of them). As she got bigger the sleeps became more of a challenge, she would fight those cuddles but couldn’t sleep without them, buggy walks of 2hrs+ just to get a 20min nap and the night awakenings were anything from every hour to every 5mins. It's safe to say me and my husband were knackered and the only sleep we got was by bringing our little girl in for cuddles during the night. We knew we couldn't go on like this so we reached out to Jade. Wow, wow, wow! The amount of supports, help and advice we were given has been second to none. We have done everything she recommended and our little girl has made drastic improvements She hasn't slept in our bed since and we have stopped all contact napping. Her sleep during the night has went from bare minimum to 10-12hrs. Although her day time napping isn't spot on yet, we are working hard to improve this and I have every faith that Jades advice will help us improve this further. Thank you so much again for all your help and support!


Jade has absolutely transformed our little one’s sleep - and ours too as a result. Our 6 month old was waking 15-20 times a night, as often as every 20 minutes and we had tried various sleep training techniques, apps etc but had no success. We were really keen to avoid ‘Cry it out’ but didn’t believe that there was a gentle and responsive approach which would actually deliver results. We put our faith in Jade after she confidently told us ‘there has never been a family I’ve not been able to help’ and we are happy to report another success story! Jade is so passionate about her work and she gave us additional calls and support beyond the package we had purchased to help us get over some final challenges - she really cares about families as she has been through it herself so really understands. We rave about Jade to everyone - we only wish we had found her sooner!


I can not thank Jade enough for all her help in getting my little boy to sleep better. He has never been a great sleeper since he was born, getting up numerous times a night, wanting fed to sleep all the time and only napping for 30 minutes twice a day. With all Jade's help he now goes to sleep without a bottle, can settle himself during the night, only wakes once and has great naps, 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. Jade kept telling me the end is in sight, I never believed her and couldn't ever imagine seeing him sleep better. Thankfully to Jade we are finally there. Its only took two weeks and I could not appreciate her help more. I'm soo glad she told me to hang on in there and keep at it! What a star you really are.


I approached Jade out of desperation as I could not get my wee boy (3.5 months at the time) in his cot for naps. He would only contact nap after a feed or in the pram and wasnt sleeping enough. At night he would only feed to sleep and could take hours on and off as he was overtired and constantly cranky.
Jade had a lengthy chat with me about what I'd like to achieve and put a plan in place. Initially I thought it wouldn't work because he had such a feed to sleep association. I was so wrong and within days bedtime settles became so much better and my partner was able to settle him to sleep. We got our evenings back!
Cot naps have taken longer to establish but we have got there.
Jade is so knowledgeable from both professional and personal experience. She was so supportive and patient with me. We are now amidst the 4 month sleep regression and I feel so much more equipt to deal with it having the techniques and plan that Jade made for us. Sometimes you need some support and guidance from someone outside of your household and someone with a fresh perspective to guide you.


After 18 months of any one getting consistent sleep things were tough. We were trying to transition from 2 naps to 1 nap, we were still breastfeeding to sleep, bed time took a minimum of 2 hours and several wakeups where he was feeding all night!! Then the early 4am starts happened and we thought we need help! I didn't really think anyone could help change things as I knew I wasn't open to try cry it out methods and also didn't like to admit the mess we were in!!

Contacting Jade was the best thing we have done it has completely transformed our sleep. There was no judgement Jade listened and made us feel like we weren't alone in this. She was passionate and knowledgeable and took the time to get to know his personality so she knew how he was likely to respond to the changes. If only we had contacted her sooner as within a few days things had started to improve we couldn't believe how easy it was. Following Jade's plan making small changes that didn't cause any tears bed time was lasting 15mins the occasional night wake where he would settle himself to sleep and 6am wake ups all within 2 weeks.

We would absolutely recommend Jade to anyone needing help with sleep she gave us our nights back and now everyone is getting more sleep were happier all round!

Thank you Jade x


We started with Liam co-sleeping with me and waking up multiple times a night to feed. He also required to be carried around to fall asleep. Currently Liam is sleeping in his own bed, in his own room. He is waking up once a night and most nights he is easy to settle back to sleep. He also does not require to be carried anymore. I could not believe how we got here in such short time. I think at first I was slightly worried if this will work but with the support from Jade we got through the difficult nights and we could not be happier with the progress!



We contacted Jade through a recommendation after our Daughter Charlotte never really ‘recovered’ from the 4 month sleep regression. She was waking 8/9 times a night and wouldn’t nap anywhere other than her pram. This involved me walking 3 hours a day to fill up that ‘sleep tank’. She is exclusively BF and I was feeding her to sleep every night.
Within 2 weeks Jade has honestly changed our lives. Charlotte now sleeps 11/12 hours with 2 dream feeds, naps in her cot AND self settles. No more feeding to sleep.
The change has been unbelievable and Jade was on hand always to support and guide us through some tricky nights. Thank you Jade! Sarah & Danny xxx


I don't really no where to start. Our life has done a complete turn around with Lucy's sleep! Our 6 month old was waking every hour, passing out in my arms from exhaustion at bedtime, feeding to sleep and generally so upset during the whole night - we felt at a complete loss for our little girl. Our health visitors and professionals gave advice and nothing worked so we reached out to Jade.
She surpassed all of our expectations! She took our worries and created a gentle plan for us and Lucy, and gave us a mountain of knowledge around baby sleep.
She is sleeping so soundly, and waking up so happy! It's like she is a completely different baby! She's even started to nap in her cot which would never happen before! If you're at a loss don't hesitate to ask for Jade's help! We are so grateful and glad that we did! X

From my first interaction with Jade to our closing call has been nothing but positive. The change in our two children over 3 weeks has been unbelievable


Life changing. Both girls are much happier and more pleasant in the daytime, even noted by friends and family. We have our evenings back to be husband and wife again rather than the overtired bickering couple we had become due to exhaustion. Bedtime is a pleasure and naps are easily planned.


Prior to getting in touch Jade we had really had sleep battles since day 1 with Finlay but things had regressed further following prolonged period of illness and teething/starting nursery all at the same time. We had resigned ourselves really to it just being like this but were both absolutely exhausted, not getting any time to ourselves. Finlay was waking up every couple of hours and we were spending much of the night resettling him/cuddling him to sleep only for him to wake a short time later and start the process all over again. Nights were awful! He was also very reliant on milk to resettle him which was basically taking over his whole diet after a few illnesses.
Things have turned around so quickly and positively since really the first couple of nights following consultation and plan with Jade. We very quickly managed to get Finlay to settle himself (with Jades help) and he now goes down to bed without fuss and just cuddles into teddy and we leave the room!!! Amazing! He is now sleeping in his cot all night (sometimes just needs a quick wee cuddle during the night but it's a few seconds of our time and then he gets himself back to sleep). He is not taking any bottles of milk at all now and hasn't been in our bed since we started! Naps are still a work in progress but getting there!
Interesting process to go through in terms of understanding sleep cycles, nap times, transitioning from two naps to one etc So handy to have Jade to WhatsApp to check things out between phone calls!


Prior to working with Jade both twins relied on a bottle to fall asleep. Settling them both to sleep could take up to and sometimes in excess of an hour and was either with the bottle or cuddled in. They woke regularly throughout the night and again would need a bottle to settle back to sleep. Naps were very variable and would last anything from 10 minutes to 2 hours, it was always very unpredictable. It was always very difficult to settle both E & R for naps.
Since working with Jade we have completely removed the need for a bottle to settle them to sleep. They can now self settle in their cots with ease. The length of time it takes for them to settle has drastically reduced and the parent input for this is minimal. They now have a very firm set nap time and settle well for these naps again taking minimum time to do so. Jade has worked miracles for us!
Not only are we all getting more sleep, E & R are much happier during the day. We have our evenings back and we get quality one to one time with our older son during their naps. We can not thank Jade enough for her help! It has not only helped them both but our whole family!


I contacted Jade out of pure desperation when my little boy was just unable to sleep for any longer than one sleep cycle through the night. At the time he was 18 months old and was still waking up 12-14 times to breastfeed back to sleep. This has been going on since he was born and it was just beyond exhausting. I have powered through for as long as I could when I eventually reached out to Jade for some help.
She was amazing and offered understanding, support and tips immediately, even before I made the decision to sign up and work with her. I've quickly learnt that she was the right fit for our family because of our values and parenting style. From the very beginning I said that we will take our time with gentle methods and if what we will do will cause stress to our little one and won't feel right, I will stop straight away and won't put my baby through something I wasn't comfortable with. Meaning absolutely no leaving him to cry or similar harsh methods. I was not looking for a quick fix, but one that will last and take into consideration my child's and my own needs and feelings. There also was an added challenge of me not wanting to stop co-sleeping, and I knew this might make things trickier, but somehow Jade still managed to work her magic with us!

I've started applying Jade's little tips and tricks even before our first consultation and noticed the difference straight away. We started the process of helping my son sleep better with slowly removing the feed to sleep association which I did not think was possible at all as I have always breastfed him to sleep, but within a week or less he was falling asleep independently in his side cot!!! I could not believe it and now a couple months later still find it really surreal that he just says 'night night' and rolls over to sleep. Eventually he started having longer stretches of sleep, while still waking up a couple of times through the night and sometimes needing milk, sometimes settling easily without it and sometimes not even waking at all. Our next step was to introduce daddy at bedtime which was really hard for me as it has always been me putting our kids to sleep. Again we took this very slowly and did what seemed right to our family, rather than rushing and upsetting our child and ourselves. It only took a few days and daddy was putting him to sleep! It is such a relief now to be able to trust him and know that bed time will go well regardless of whether I am there or not. More freedom in the evenings to work, tidy, unwind or just have a shower has really helped our family dynamic and everybody's stress levels.

It has been an intense, but very positive journey and I can't thank Jade enough for helping us all! She truly is so good at her job, and to have her cheering on us and our little wins every day throughout the process was invaluable. She didn't judge when I found it tough and celebrated with us when we achieved even the smallest progress. The next step for us will be room transition and I can't wait to have Jade guiding us through that again, I know that with her help it will be easy and smooth.

Thank you Jade!
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