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Guaranteed Success - What does it take?
We combine my knowledge and expertise - with your action, trust and open mindset to get you exactly to your sleep goals.

Holistic Review of Sleep

I'll review all aspects of your little one's sleep and where our focus areas are. Including optimising both Day & Night Sleep.

Mindset & Goals

I'll work with you on growth mindset and write down your clear sleep goals and where you want to be. 

Pick Your Support Package

There are many options available to suit you and your family - we'll go over these together so we pair you with the right one!

Consultation & Support Calls

Once I have created your Bespoke Plan - we book in your full virtual Consultation. I also send the written plan and we catch up via our support calls every few days to keep us in the direction of reaching your goals

Personality Assessment

Find our exactly your little ones personality traits and which solution works best for them! There is also an Intake Assessment form that tells me everything I need to know!

Sleep Transformation

This is where the real magic happens. With my gentle, responsive solutions paired with your action we get you right to where you want to be. A happy and rested little one, with a fully rested family!

What to Expect from Me

I aim to provide you with your ultimate solution for baby sleep challenges. My unique approach and specialised features will help you overcome the common reasons for sleep challenges in babies & children.


Customised Sleep Plans & 1-1 Online Consultation


Full Support through calls & email


Sleep Tracking through my Rested App 


Gentle, Responsive & Effective Techniques


Expert Guidance & Truthful Coaching

Book your sleep transformation today

My goal is to make sure you get the right fit for you and what your family needs. So the best way to see what you need is for us to chat it through together and get you on your new Sleep Journey and sleep filled nights!

or book your Free Discovery Call below

Sleep Packages


Tiny Sleepers

Birth to 18 Weeks Old

Includes full Assessment and 1-1 Coaching to lay the foundations for sleep in the early months!




1-1 Support - 5m+

Bespoke 1-1 Sleep Transformations designed to fully align with your little one and your family.  These include both virtual consultation and follow up calls, as well as written step-by-step plans fully customised for you. 

From £280


The Exhausted To Thriving Membership

If you feel stuck in navigating the constant change in your little one's sleep, the membership is ideal for you! From weekly support sessions to workshops - it's a fantastic place to be for all aspects of child sleep and more!

£15.97 per month

Other Services

As well as my 1-1 services you can find my Online Courses and Membership here too. 

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