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Sleep & ADHD

ADHD impacts us 24/7...
it impacts the nights as much as the days. 

80% of Neurodivergent children suffer with sleep difficulties. From falling asleep, staying asleep and the mornings.

And where there sleep is disturbed and they aren't getting the sleep they need - the impacts of sleep deprivation take over and often heighten the symptoms of ADHD. Poor focus, more irrational, heightened anxieties the list goes on. 

With ADHD close to my heart & home, last year I certified in Child Sleep & ADHD. I wanted to support and transform families who are living in the battle of bedtimes and poor sleep quality. 

I've built my ethos throughout my business in that there isn't a "one size fits all" approach to sleep. And as we know, there are many variations of ADHD, and each child is unique. 

If you are ready to support your child's sleep and transform the quality of life for your whole family - reach out below. You are in good hands! 

Understanding Sleep For Your ADHD child
A guide for both you and your child and putting sleep first.

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