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Transforming your child's sleep with ease.

young siblings on bed
Sleep doesn't have to be one of the toughest parts of parenting.
I know where you are right now and believe me when I say I've been so lost in the world of baby sleep and with no idea where to turn. 

And I know you'll be wondering h
ow to navigate in seeking support.

As a qualified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant, and a mum of two children - I understand there is rarely a one size fits all approach.

This is why I transform families through holistic yet effective solutions. I specialise in creating bespoke and responsive plans based on your family dynamics and little ones needs.
Do you feeling lost in the world of sleep and unsure of next steps?

Are you in the thick of bedtime battles and dream of having some evening time back?

Are early rises are taking it's toll?

Are the night awakenings are difficult and becoming  unsustainable?

Do you dream of stress free naps?

Do you need out of the cycle where you get them fast asleep only for them to wake up as soon as you put them in their bed?

Are you ready to get your energy back?- with an approach that aligns with YOU and your little ones?

Do you want a solution that is responsive to your baby but allows them to knit that sleep back together?

Then be rest assured - you are in good hands. Let's get you all rested! I'll support, teach and together we'll take action in your new sleep journey with ease!


From Birth to Age 8 - I have you covered. I work with most families through 1:1 support virtually. This is where I get to know and understand your family dynamics and sleep challenges.

Jade Zammit Sleep Consultant

My Approach

What brings me such high success levels?

- I have a holistic approach looking at all areas of sleep to give us clear focus areas. - I apply my expertise and gentle, responsive solutions to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

- I create bespoke plans to suit your child's personalities and temperaments and your family dynamics.

-  I provide solutions that works for your child and will stick!


Happy Mother with her Child

1:1 Support

- Bespoke Sleep Plans

- 1:1 Online Consultations

- Support Calls

- Email Support

- Sleep Logging through a dual app for full support

- Lifetime access to support materials


Taking you through a journey from where you are now to reaching your ultimate sleep goals


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Online Programs & Membership

I also provide courses which covers the science of sleep, routines, rhythms as well as responsive solutions. You can find them here on the Program page.  

Brand new for 2024 - The S.L.E.E.P Success Club!

A one stop place to navigate challenges and foundations for consistently great sleep.

Get started on knowing where to focus in their sleep and yours.

Download my new "7 Steps to Transform your Baby's Night Sleep" Guide today.
  • Free discovery call to discuss your current sleep challenges!

    30 min

What my client's say...

parents and 2 children standing on path
"It only took a few days and daddy was putting him to sleep! It is such a relief now to be able to trust him and know that bed time will go well regardless of whether I am there or not. More freedom in the evenings to work, tidy, unwind or just have a shower has really helped our family dynamic and everybody's stress levels."

Karolina & Steve - Parents to Mantas

My Story


I'm Jade, mum of two amazing kids - my beautiful son and daughter, and married to my husband for 9 years!

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and now living in Midlothian.


I am a qualified expert in Infant & Child Sleep,  and there are so many reasons why I truly love what I do as a coach and consultant. Transforming families from a place of pain, stress and exhaustion to happy rested nights is what I do best. I am also a bit of a "sleep geek" - I love the science behind child sleep and the psychology behind it! So you are in good hands.


In 2021 after a rollercoaster journey in my son's toddler sleep journey, and then with a lot of sleepless nights with my youngest and struggling in the depths of sleep deprivation - I put myself through intense study and qualified in Infant & Child Sleep Consultancy.  I saw an opportunity to help others get their little ones to a contented sleep place, and I knew could make a big difference to many families. I wanted to make sure that no one had to feel alone in the world of sleep deprivation, and know there is support available.

Since then, I have went on to qualify as a ADHD Sleep Awareness Practitioner. Working with super alert little ones and toddlers has always been my speciality, and I then opened up support avenues for families with really alert and stimulated little ones and for older diagnosed children with ADHD.

Over the last 2 years I have received awards globally for my services and online programs, ensuring the standard that I promise to provide to families. 

I stand for supporting others, educating, empowering parents' decisions and helping families journey through tough sleep challenges and bring them to that happy, contented place.  

Every child is different - and I don't stand by a "one approach fits all". Which is why I make sure all of my plans are focused around your little one's personality and traits - which when built together with an approach to suit them - then brings amazing success!​


You can read more about me here. If you'd like to chat, or you are ready to take action and restore sleep for the whole family -  Book your Sleep Assessment Call  today and we can talk it all through!

Jade Sleep Nanny

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